23. My uncle is in their Hands

Written by: Malath Al-Zoubi

An irony is a resistance act.

Peoples under the oppression of tyranny devoted days (the carnival) mocking their temporal and spiritual powers, and mocking themselves as well. The satirical writers whose works deserve to belong to the satirical literature break the seriousness of life by creating a new semantic relationship between functions and their connotations, opening windows in this relationship that blow through the winds of play, frivolity, arrogance, and freedom.



If a revolution is to deserve its name, it will inevitably spoil its ridicule.
We find this irony in many forms of creativity that have escaped in recent years, in singing, writing on the walls, movies, video art, and satirical writing …


This testimony bears a powerful example of this satirical writing, free writing in the time of tyranny.


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