30. The Land of Smurfs

Written by Omar Al Jbaai

Writing always made me carried Two contradictory feelings.
the first is a feeling of dismay, a real dismay of what I have encountered in hiding in the darkness, or tightly wrapped or left under the pile of memories, then another dismay of the one, specifically from the eyebrows, who may rise to announce the boredom of their companion, or His / her displeasure, or even his loathing, of what I wrote.
The second feeling is like brightness, like shouting from the top of Qassioun: I am here! I exist! These writings are mine! And it’s beautiful that you hear that Shoot. It is a remedy for the self to establish its existence.
But the important thing now is perhaps: What would you write on this cover, after I finished the important thing for me is between the two covers?

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