” Displacement from ancient Syria”

Supported by: Asfari Foundation

Within the “dialogue sessions” program framework, The League organized a dialogue session with the Lebanese sociologist, journalist, researcher and writer; Dr Dalal El-Bizri, at the Arjaan Rotana Hotel in Raouche, Beirut, Lebanon.
The title of the lecture was: “Displacement from ancient Syria”, and it was based on a true story of a Syrian family who mirrored the situation of the fragmented, and fractured Syrian society as a result of the disaster, so to conclude and highlight the effects of this situation on all the family members, and thus the whole society. The lecture, through this story, focused on their tragedy, and changes affecting the individual identity, and the imbalance in a social structure during the war.

The session was attended by more than 30 participants, who raised many questions and who were eager to participate in the debate. Most of the interventions were about identity and what could affect it, and the deep impact of displacement on individuals and groups, in addition to the subject of the collective memory, and what is experienced in the context of the ongoing war and the aggravation of its disastrous effects.

The session was distinguished by the participants and their active contribution reflected by the variation of the opinions and even their contradiction sometimes. The League had the honour to thank the attendance of friends, and in particular Dr Dalal Al-Bizri for accepting this invitation.


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