The Ninth Show: “The night porter”

Supported By: Asfari Foundation

“The night porter”
 Directed by Liliana Cavani

The Ciné-Club of the Citizenship League organized the ninth movie gathering in partnership with Ettijahat –independent culture organization. The league projected “The night porter” by Liliana Cavani, on Thursday the 17th of August, in “Ettijahat” offices.

The film presents a strange tale of a strong romantic relationship between a prisoner and her jailer, in the Nazi era in Germany. Later, this relationship revitalizes during the normalization stage of Nazi survivors. The story exceeds the historical-political framework and raises the fundamental question related to the importance of love to a group that was founded on violence.

 Following the movie, the audiences participated in a discussion about the relationship between captor and captive, in its sadomasochistic form that characterizes this relation sometimes, and the role of this relationship in recognizing one’s own identity through denial of the identity of the other who is different. Perhaps the most important question that the film shows is the victims’ “resilience” that enables them to live with the wounds of the past.


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